A beautiful scarf or piece of jewelry framing your face is a focal point of any outfit, and a great way to express your personal style. Most of Town & Country’s jewelry and scarves are one-of-a kind, artist-made pieces. Store owner Laurel Bassett dyes silk scarves in color palettes that coordinate with our designers’ lines each season, and no two are alike. She uses a mix of shibori resist tying, hand painting, stenciling and color removal patterns for unique wearable art prints. Scarves come in a wide range of sizes and weights to accommodate different looks and seasons, and some are sewn into ponchos or wraps. In winter, she hand-paints velvet, and makes wraps that can be snapped and worn multiple ways. Laurel also makes one-of-a-kind jewelry with a combination of hand-fabricated metal pieces, semi-precious stones, and vintage jewelry findings. Her metal cuffs are a long-time favorite that can add style to any outfit. Metal earrings, in combinations of copper, brass and silver are wardrobe staples that can mix with any other jewelry and make a great gift item. One of our most popular jewelry pieces is a hand-crocheted beaded necklace, made by Town & Country team member Marion Wilson. These necklaces are a beautiful way to fill in the neckline of a top, and come in a variety of colors, but the pearls are the most popular. Marion also makes fun scarf-necklaces out of torn strips of antique silk saris, in multi-color palettes sure to go with any outfit. Look Sur is another favorite source for handmade jewelry. They are a collective of several South American artists, each with their own unique style and materials. One of the most interesting materials used, is in a line of jewelry made from recycled PVC and metal leaf. These pieces are extremely lightweight and are certainly interesting conversation pieces to make a statement on a simple outfit. Joy Susan is one of our favorite fashion accessories line, with lightweight scarves and versatile jewelry. The soft colors of the scarves and simple lines of the necklaces make them easy to pair with a variety of looks, which makes them great for travel. They are sure to please anyone on your list during the holidays, and the price points are fantastic for gifts. Sea Lily jewelry, based in Atlanta, is a new line for Town & Country. They make springy jewelry out of piano wire, and the multi-toned metallic pieces are unusual but classic at the same time. They are very lightweight and easy to mix with other metallic jewelry too. We love the look of a Sea Lily earring mixed with a Marion Wilson necklace or Laurel Bassett cuff bracelet. Several of our scarf lines, such as Elegant Additions and JC Sunny, have started adding kimonos to their collections, as they have become a wardrobe staple in recent years. They are easy to throw on over a column of basics and hide the arms and mid-section without adding heat to your outfit. Styles range from casual and boho to more sophisticated and dressy, and can be worn year-round over a shell with or without sleeves. It’s easy to see why they are so popular!