One of the most frequent doubts we hear from customers, is about which colors don't look good on them. Often we hear women say that their mother told them they couldn't wear a certain color...nevermind the fact that was thirty years ago, and their coloring has changed completely. Worse yet, we sometimes hear women say they "had their colors done" (in the 1980's), and that they are a "fall," and can only wear certain colors...again, your coloring changes as you age, not to mention this type of color-profiling can be very limiting! Usually women can wear more colors than they give themselves credit for! Just give them a try, trust your own instincts, and enlist a trusted friend or salesperson (ours will be honest with you!), and you might be surprised by what you find out!

When in doubt, remember a couple of tips...stick to soft colors that are "in between" the more basic colors, and think about the colors that are commonly used in make-up. By "in between," I mean this: instead of primary colors like yellow, red, and royal blue, try turquoise, lavender, and coral. These are also commonly used in make-up. Some shade of coral lipstick works on any skintone from pale to dark, and lavender eyeshadow is flattering next to any eye color! Check out these new pieces for spring to get an idea of colors that work on virtually anyone, and give something new a try!