As most of our customers know, Sympli is a line we couldn't live without. It is made up of coordinating styles, primarily in a jersey knit, available in a multitude of rich colors and versatile neutrals. It washes, wears, and drapes beautifully, and has styles designed to fit any figure. I have never appreciated this quite so much as I have in the last few months of pregnancy. Until I was about seven months pregnant, you couldn't even tell I was pregnant when looking at me from the front.

From the side, I am huge, but even the miracle of Sympli can only accomplish so much. The real beauty of the line is that it works for me, even at my current size, yet is still appealing to my size 2, 18-year-old employee. The more conservative styles work for our ninety-year-old customers, who can order dyed-to-match basic jackets, shells, skirts, and pants, yet our more updated customers can order their funkier styles in more unusual color combinations and mix-and-match them with jeans.

This broad appeal supports Sympli's mission to build positive self-esteem for all women, and they back that up by producing their goods in Canada, with a business model that empowers their employees as much as it does their customers.

That's why Sympli really is the best!