Effortless Style: A more casual spin on our favorite women’s clothing


A More Relaxed Lifestyle and Easy Dressing

Over the past few months, we have made adjustments to every part of our lives, and our wardrobes are certainly no exception. When Town & Country first reopened in May, we heard several customers say, “I’ve just been wearing sweatpants or workout clothes, what can I wear that feels like that?” Dressing has gotten more casual and comfort-oriented over the past few years anyway, but the pandemic-influenced style crossed the line into sloppy dressing for many of us. I think we all quickly realized that even when we were really staying at home all the time, you feel much better if you look better. As a result, our designers have put much more thought into comfort dressing, but in a way that can still be chic and sophisticated. Several of our designers are featuring jersey knit lantern pants, fuller than a skinny leg, and gathered at the bottom, so they truly are as easy and comfortable as sweatpants, but so much better looking. A jersey legging is also just as easy to put on as an athletic legging but looks like you put in so much more effort. In my opinion, an athleisure-inspired looks much more put-together and grown-up than actually wearing your work-out clothes everywhere you go. Soft cottons, jersey knits, flannel, and soft lightweight sweater feel great against the skin, and are easy to throw on and layer in the cooler months.

Fall Updated from our Favorite Designers, Sympli, Renuar, Kozan and more!

Foxcroft added some brushed flannels to their line that are absolutely heavenly against your skin. The fun prints and tie dyes that are being shown are perfect for everyday wear and won’t make you feel overdressed if you are just running errands. XCVI and Isle both did tie-dyed combos featuring this season’s ubiquitous olive green, and XCVI paired theirs with a soft, cozy sweater-knit vest that is perfect for our climate. Jersey basics can be thrown on with tennis shoes for everyday wear, but you can easily change you shoes and jewelry and be ready for a zoom meeting or cocktails on a friend’s deck. Sympli is a long-time favorite of ours that has mastered a mix-and-match dress up or down aesthetic, and Kozan and Chalet are quickly becoming go-to lines for an easy chic look as well.  Since get-togethers for special occasions have gotten smaller, less formal venues are continuing to become more and more popular, and our customers are seeking out dressier separates, such as hand-dyed silk kimonos and ponchos that convey a look that is special but effortlessly chic instead of stiff or fussy. The pieces that I dye by hand for the store are one-of-a-kind so they have a special, unique feel and are breezy and fluid enough to be comfortable and fun to wear. The beauty of these pieces is their ability to look equally at home with nicer pants or your favorite pair of comfy jeans. Another must-have is the lightweight cashmere topper from InCashmere that can go on over absolutely anything. Renuar blouses have always been a staple in all of our closets, and are easy to throw on and immediately look put-together, and they can be washed and hung to dry with no ironing or steaming. Renuar always comes out with a few new styles and colors each season, and they can take you from Zoom call, to a restaurant or friend’s pation with ease. Most of our lives have returned to a somewhat-normal, busy state, and we want to be able to look and feel great without spending too much time or sacrificing comfort. We’ve gotten somewhat used to dressing for our new normal and finding a sense of effortless style might be a silver lining for us all.

Excited for Patio Weather and Entertaining at Home!

In the South, part of returning to a more normal lifestyle is being able to entertain outside. We are super excited that it is finally feeling like patio weather! We recently had a staff cocktail party at one of our houses, and really enjoyed test-driving our new fall wardrobes! It’s great to be able to get together with a small group of close friends and relax in some new fall outfits! I have started making new handmade wine glasses and serving pieces, since we are all so much more focused on entertaining at home. They make great one-of-a-kind holiday gifts too! We sampled some treats that we’ll be carrying for the holidays too, like Mama Geraldine’s cheese straws. We all felt great in easy-to-wear and easy-to-care for separates that let us enjoy those treats without worrying about our clothes, which can all be easily washed and worn again. The fabrics we carry are generally very light and easy to layer, so they are great for days that are cool in the morning and evening but warm up in the middle of the day, and we were all able to be comfortable in the afternoon sun, but also enjoy a fire as the evening cooled down. If you have any upcoming get-togethers or are just ready to relax on your porch in the cooler fall weather, we have you covered. We are glad to be returning to normal with a new outlook on effortless dressing, and we are here to help you find your new favorites.


We recently had our first trunk show with French Dressing Jeans. Two representatives came, from FDJ and their sister company Renuar, and helped fit our customers in all of their different sizes of jeans. It was very helpful for us to be able to learn more about which fits in the jeans work for which body types. FDJ supports breast cancer research, and all of their body styles are named after breast cancer survivors. We learned that Suzanne has the highest rise, and works for a taller lady or a lady with a little more of a tummy. If you like that longer rise, but not a longer length, they are also available in petite. We learned that the Suzanne petite works for a lot of our customers. A curvier girl, who has a smaller waist but larger bottom or hips, works best in a Peggy. Do these not sound like you—you don’t need extra rise or extra curves, you’re probably an Olivia, the company’s most popular fit. They also make a higher end fabric called Love denim that is wonderful! Instead of spandex, which can stretch out, they have a high lycra content, which can stretch and not lose it’s shape. If you haven’t tried any FDJ jeans yet, come in and let us help you find your perfect pair!


As most of our customers know, Sympli is a line we couldn't live without. It is made up of coordinating styles, primarily in a jersey knit, available in a multitude of rich colors and versatile neutrals. It washes, wears, and drapes beautifully, and has styles designed to fit any figure. I have never appreciated this quite so much as I have in the last few months of pregnancy. Until I was about seven months pregnant, you couldn't even tell I was pregnant when looking at me from the front.

From the side, I am huge, but even the miracle of Sympli can only accomplish so much. The real beauty of the line is that it works for me, even at my current size, yet is still appealing to my size 2, 18-year-old employee. The more conservative styles work for our ninety-year-old customers, who can order dyed-to-match basic jackets, shells, skirts, and pants, yet our more updated customers can order their funkier styles in more unusual color combinations and mix-and-match them with jeans.

This broad appeal supports Sympli's mission to build positive self-esteem for all women, and they back that up by producing their goods in Canada, with a business model that empowers their employees as much as it does their customers.

That's why Sympli really is the best!


We had a great time at our Sympli trunk show! They featured a new division of lightweight sweaters mixed with their traditional jersey material in a variety of styles, with their typical asymmetry and drape. If you missed it, we have new jersey styles in stock now, and the new sweater items will be in stock in October. Looking forward to the Janska show next!


One of the most frequent doubts we hear from customers, is about which colors don't look good on them. Often we hear women say that their mother told them they couldn't wear a certain color...nevermind the fact that was thirty years ago, and their coloring has changed completely. Worse yet, we sometimes hear women say they "had their colors done" (in the 1980's), and that they are a "fall," and can only wear certain colors...again, your coloring changes as you age, not to mention this type of color-profiling can be very limiting! Usually women can wear more colors than they give themselves credit for! Just give them a try, trust your own instincts, and enlist a trusted friend or salesperson (ours will be honest with you!), and you might be surprised by what you find out!

When in doubt, remember a couple of tips...stick to soft colors that are "in between" the more basic colors, and think about the colors that are commonly used in make-up. By "in between," I mean this: instead of primary colors like yellow, red, and royal blue, try turquoise, lavender, and coral. These are also commonly used in make-up. Some shade of coral lipstick works on any skintone from pale to dark, and lavender eyeshadow is flattering next to any eye color! Check out these new pieces for spring to get an idea of colors that work on virtually anyone, and give something new a try!